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Dustin Thomas and Karmalove – Breaking the Chains for a Better World

Dustin Thomas and Karmalove – Breaking the Chains for a Better World


it’s our pleasure to introduce the Karmalove community to Dustin Thomas on this beautiful day. A true rebel-musician, traveller singer-songwriter, activist and beacon of love and truth. His music gives our videos spirit and soul and we are very thankful for his presence in our lives.



His mission is sharing love throughout the world, he stands for a more peaceful future and everywhere he goes he shines his light, whether through his singing, his smile or the radical joy he embodies. We at Karmalove strive to do the same, yet our speciality lies on a different level. We share love through the means of fashion, by giving people the chance to wear the change they wish to see. His soulful vibes are more than feel good tunes one listens to while sipping down a cold drink, they’re rooted in a much deeper understanding and wisdom of honouring both the good times and the bad. Those who listen to Dustin’s music are supported in whatever situation they might find themselves in, just as the person wearing one of our shawls is supported wherever life takes them. All aspects of life are sacred and with the recognition of this truth, an inner joy and gratefulness for every experience we come across emanates from within us. It really is wonderful to see that more and more ambassadors of love and light are raising their voice, utilising their unique gifts to make their contribution for the benefit of humanity and our planet. We continue to search for and work with kindred spirits on this path, whether it be Young-Ho Kim or Dustin Thomas, Gurmuhk or Jeff Foster, Kay Ree or Ajeet Kaur – there are no boundaries to be found when it comes to the many creative ways in which one serves the evolution of our consciousness.

We encourage you to listen to Dustin’s music on his website lovedustinthomas.com and support him in whatever ways are relevant and appropriate for you.

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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