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Smooth and soft with uplifting print design.

100% Merino. 200cm x 80cm. Handwoven.

Handmade from Nepal.


About the quote

When we are born our mind is free of concepts. In the beginning we feel infinite, free and full of potential. But step by step we get programmed with an identity, ideas and believes.

The more our mind is identified with those concepts the more we lose our connection to our true infinite state and freedom. The feeling of separation is a mind made illusion, that we can learn to turn off and experience our true state again. By becoming nothing, by reducing your mind to zero and into silence, you become everything.

By wearing this shawl may you be reminded to go within in silence and become everything.

Who made it?

Our cashmere and natural wool yarns are hand-crafted in small runs by local artisans at a family-owned factory in Kathmandu, Nepal. Find out more

Fairtrade + Handmade - Guaranteed