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Feel the love, as you wrap yourself in this expertly crafted shawl designed to nourish you with warmth, comfort and inspiration.

30% Cashmere, 70% Merino.
Size: 100cm x 200cm.
Color: black, red, pink.
Handmade in Nepal

About the quote:

Feel the joy and connection with our playful yoga scarf!

Filled with sacred symbols such as; the AUM, the Flower of Life, Sleeping Buddha, the Hand of Fatima, the Chakras, the Lotus Flower, hearts and more, this scarf is here to remind us of the universality of Love and Truth that supports our heart’s desire in every moment of everyday.


Who made it?

Our cashmere and natural wool yarns are hand-crafted in small runs by local artisans at a family-owned factory in Kathmandu, Nepal. Find out more

Fairtrade + Handmade - Guaranteed