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Beautiful scarf in typical Indian block print design.

30% Cashmere, 70% Merino.
Size: 200 cm x 90 cm.
Color: black.
Handmade from Nepal.

Story Buddha Shawl:
Siddhārtha Gautama’s enlightenment is one the most inspiring stories known to humanity. Born and raised a prince in 623 B.C, he was given every conceivable pleasure in order to enjoy a comfortable life of luxury behind the walls of the royal palace. 

Many wonderful years passed in this isolated paradise but as he grew into a young man, something inside him knew there was more to life. This burning curiosity soon became unbearable, so he sneaked out one day to explore the surrounding villages. Nothing prepared him for what he saw; sickness, poverty, death and decay. An element of life he’d never experienced before. 

He was so moved by people’s suffering that he eventually left his wife, possessions and family and went on a mission to understand the nature of reality, in order to benefit all beings and alleviate their pain. Renunciation, austerities and philosophical study; he did it all, but eventually realized that this was the other extreme of the life he’d lived before. That’s how he discovered the Middle Way; that a happy life is a balanced life.  

Not completely satisfied however, he decided to sit under the bodhi tree in deep meditation for as long as it took. Hours turned into days, until finally his mind was illumined by the ultimate truth; that pure, infinite being resides at the heart of all manifestation and we are That. We are One. To know this, is to be a Buddha.  

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Who made it?

Our cashmere and natural wool yarns are hand-crafted in small runs by local artisans at a family-owned factory in Kathmandu, Nepal. Find out more

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