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In connection with the development, conclusion, execution and termination of a purchase contract based on these Terms & Conditions, data is collected, stored and processed by the Seller. This is done in accordance with legal provisions. The Seller does not share the Customer’s personal information with third parties unless he is legally obliged to do so or the Customer has given express consent. If the services of a third party are used for processing procedures, these services are carried out in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act. The information provided by the Customer to place an order is used exclusively to contact the Customer regarding the execution of the contract and only for the purpose for which the Customer has made the data available. The data is only passed on to the shipping company that handles the delivery of the ordered merchandise if necessary. Payment data is forwarded to the financial institution authorized for payment. If the Seller is subject to retention periods under commercial or tax law, some data may be stored for up to 10 years. During the visit to the online shop of the Seller, anonymous data that cannot be connected to personal data and is not intended for such a connection is collected. In particular, the data collected includes the IP address, date, time, browser type, operating system and pages visited. Upon request of the Customer, personal data is deleted, corrected or blocked in accordance with statutory provisions. Information regarding all personal data collected about the Customer can be obtained free of charge. For questions and requests regarding the cancellation, correction or blocking of personal data as well as the collection, processing and use, the Customer can contact the following address: Trust Fashion Agency UG Intzestraße 1 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49-(0) 1777007080 info@karmalove.com.