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Karma Love and Educating Children: the Leaders of Tomorrow

Karma Love and Educating Children: the Leaders of Tomorrow

Today we’d love to share with you, how we from Karma Love incorporate sacred geometry into our products and tell the story on how our work with Heike Bielek came to be.

Sacred geometry is truly a fascinating topic, for it is not a human creation. In a reality where everything can seem incredibly complex, we find mathematical formula’s that penetrate all of Existence. These mathematical formulas are visualised as perfect geometric patterns, and therefore we have attributed the name ‘sacred geometry’ to them. When Minou Khazaeli, co-founder/owner of Karma Love was on her travels in Goa, India, she met Heike Bielek and a wonderful cooperation came into existence. Heike is a scientist, globetrotter, author and an expert when it comes to sacred geometry. She became the model for one of our Karma Love shoots, presenting the ‘I Trust Myself’ shawl.

We work together with people like Heike, because we truly believe in the fact that ‘we rise by lifting others’ and therefore love to connect people with a vision for a more harmonious future. Through a combined effort of Karma Love, Christiane Weimar and Heike Bielek, she was able to teach a class on sacred geometry from her In 2 Infinity initiative at an elementary school in Bad Soden, Germany. The children in the class were open minded and thoroughly enjoyed the work with Heike. This surely is great to see, because merely looking at these geometric patterns positively alters brain chemistry and connects the left and right hemispheres. We believe that the studies of sacred geometry should be a profound building block in the educational system of the future and continue to support Heike Bielek and the In 2 Infinity initiative.

The Karma Love shawls are infused with the energies of sacred geometry and they have a profound influence on the person wearing them and everyone they come in contact with. The products of Karma Love remind you how beautiful you already are, they remind you that, absolutely speaking, we are all one. They remind you that everything is connected, everyone is you and you are everyone.

We thank you for reading and we invite you to watch the video below, where Heike beautifully puts Karma Love and sacred geometry into connection using her own words. Also please do to check out the In 2 Infinity initiative run by Heike Bielek and Colin Power: intwoinfinity.com

Have a wonderful day and see you next time!