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Inside Yoga and Us

Inside Yoga and Us

A warm welcome to our new blog,

we are very glad and thankful to be working together with our friends from Inside Yoga Frankfurt. We appreciate their work in the middle of Europe’s financial capital and see ourselves as kindred spirits on the inner path. That’s why we decided to integrate some of Inside Yoga’s spirit into our collection.

We at Karmalove are convinced that the energy we create in silence or during our daily practice should be incorporated into all aspects of our life. Therefore we are happy to present our first cooperation shawl with Inside Yoga. There are multiple moments during the day in which we are very clear on the inherent truth that all we need is already present within our being, just waiting for us to listen. Yet in the midsts of stressful moments this recognition can easily be forgotten, it is for this reason that their motto is ‘All you need is inside’. It’s a wonderful reminder, also to be found on our new shawl – embracing and guiding you throughout the day. The knowledge of already having everything within us has been understood for thousands of years in almost every culture worldwide, yet in the age of information and the internet we find ourselves searching for answers outside of us. Answers that are only rarely to be found outside. We live in a time where science is catching up to spiritual truths, and is able to understand the intelligence of our intuition, our heart and the incredible benefits derived from the practice of meditation. We therefore see it as our mission to be a beacon of remembrance for people all over the world and to support them in this process of trusting the guide within.
Imagine for a moment, that deep within you lies an answer to all of your questions. To crystallise this imagination exercise, we invite you to include a simple practice into your day. Don’t try to hard, just have fun with it and let the magic occur on it’s own.

Breathing awareness exercise

Sit with a comfortable upright posture, place your hands in the Gyan-Mudra (thumb and index finger touching) and rest them on your knee’s. Close your eyes, place your awareness on the point between your eyebrows and stick with your breath. Experience yourself as one with everything that Is. Let your light radiate out in all directions, let it grow and expand. Recognise every breath you take as a gift, full of aliveness and purity. Connect with the wisdom within you and know that all you need to be happy is present, here and now.

See you soon.

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