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Hamromaya – gemeinsam Kindern in Nepal helfen

Willkommen, heute möchten wir gerne die Chance nutzen, etwas über unsere Zusammenarbeit mit dem wunderbaren hamromaya Nepal e.V. zu teilen. hamromaya ist eine in Nepal aktive gemeinnützige Organisation, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, bedürftige Kinder in den entlegenen Bergregionen Nepals mit Schultaschen und Arbeitsmaterialien auszustatten, um ihren mühsamen Schulweg zu erleichtern und ihre … Continued


Karma Love and Educating Children: the Leaders of Tomorrow

Today we’d love to share with you, how we from Karma Love incorporate sacred geometry into our products and tell the story on how our work with Heike Bielek came to be. Sacred geometry is truly a fascinating topic, for it is not a human creation. In a reality where everything can seem incredibly complex, … Continued


Dustin Thomas and Karmalove – Breaking the Chains for a Better World

Greetings, it’s our pleasure to introduce the Karmalove community to Dustin Thomas on this beautiful day. A true rebel-musician, traveller singer-songwriter, activist and beacon of love and truth. His music gives our videos spirit and soul and we are very thankful for his presence in our lives.     His mission is sharing love throughout … Continued


Inside Yoga and Us

A warm welcome to our new blog, we are very glad and thankful to be working together with our friends from Inside Yoga Frankfurt. We appreciate their work in the middle of Europe’s financial capital and see ourselves as kindred spirits on the inner path. That’s why we decided to integrate some of Inside Yoga’s … Continued