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Love in such a way

Let’s talk about love. It’s the ultimate tonic for our sorrows, the cause of unimaginable heartache and has inspired the greatest works of art like the Taj Mahal, Shakespeare’s sonnets and Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss.” We’ve also died for it. It’s the most potent force in the universe and the only reason anything exists at … Continued


Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude

Take a deep breath. I don’t mean a shallow little chest-riser, I mean a proper breath — slow and deliberate. Let your lungs inflate the stomach first, then the chest, before releasing it all from the top down. Go on, use the breath to refresh, release and repeat. Keep going until it becomes natural. Because … Continued


All You Need is Inside

Let’s be honest. We’ve heard this one before and we’ve heard it many times. From scrolling through a feel good Instagram feed, to reading one of Wayne Dyer’s bestsellers, or listening to our favorite yoga teacher in some candlelit studio. We get it. Because it’s true, all we need is inside. But do we believe … Continued


Karma Love and Educating Children: the Leaders of Tomorrow

Today we’d love to share with you, how we from Karma Love incorporate sacred geometry into our products and tell the story on how our work with Heike Bielek came to be. Sacred geometry is truly a fascinating topic, for it is not a human creation. In a reality where everything can seem incredibly complex, … Continued