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Weich umhüllt kannst Du, wann immer Du ihn trägst, Deine Seele baumeln lassen.

30% Cashmere, 70% Merino.
Maße: 200 cm x 90 cm.
Farbe: Wollweiss, schwarz, pink.
Handmade aus Nepal.

About the quote: I trust myself
Self-love is the key to unlocking the human heart, and to live with gratitude for being alive. Using the positive affirmations on this scarf, may we be gentle with ourselves again, express our uniqueness and beauty and abide in the completeness that resides at the core of every human being.

Who made it?

Our cashmere and natural wool yarns are hand-crafted in small runs by local artisans at a family-owned factory in Kathmandu, Nepal. Find out more

Fairtrade + Handmade - Guaranteed