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All You Need is Inside

All You Need is Inside

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Let’s be honest.

We’ve heard this one before and we’ve heard it many times. From scrolling through a feel good Instagram feed, to reading one of Wayne Dyer’s bestsellers, or listening to our favorite yoga teacher in some candlelit studio. We get it. Because it’s true, all we need is inside.

But do we believe it? Do we feel it in our bones? On a good day, perhaps. But good days don’t always happen, especially in the midst of a global pandemic and climate change crisis. So what do we do with this supreme challenge that’s pulling the carpet out from under our feet? That’s shattering our projections with the lightning bolt of uncertainty and continues to rumble under the leaden sky of fear and doubt like distant thunder.

Start by listening, listening deeply.

The world is waking up. It began long ago but it’s catching on quick, since we’re being forced to admit that we’re part of a resilient yet extremely fragile interconnected and interdependent life web, whether we have good days or not. Everyone of us. That’s huge.

Never before in recorded history have we made that leap in self-awareness, as a species. We must take action yes, but action alone is not enough, for the world “out there” is external and if we are to heal the collective wound of separation and return to the Eden of planetary unity, then we have to know our intrinsic oneness experientially. Not through some acceptable ideology or fashionable attitude, but through a visceral knowing that sits at our core like an unfading lamp; a knowing that’s synonymous with being.

As many of you know, this involves deep work. Yoga and meditation, relentless self-acceptance, forgiveness, serving others; whatever it is you have to do in order to let your mind fall in love with your heart, to rest in loving awareness, do it now. This is our opportunity. For as we heal our wounds, we are rewarded with the great pearls of love, insight, peace and joy that were hidden inside all along, waiting to be released. It is from this place that the inner light of the Spirit can pour into the world and sanctify every aspect of our lives, regardless of circumstance, political structure or social convention.

This is how humanity will transform; from the inside out.

So go about your day and respond to the needs of the moment; whether it’s healing your family connections while caring for your dying grandmother, going for long walks in nature to embrace your loneliness, working online, feeding the cat or Zooming with your beloved who lives in a different country. That’s what I’m doing.

But know this; beneath the bubbling fear frequency, there is love and light. So try and see this time as a gift from the heavens, a time to go inside.

And remember; the will of God or the way of the Tao, whatever you want to call it; it is the same as your heart’s desire. So trust it, trust life. It wants communion, it wants to awaken and it is powerful beyond measure.

Everything is inside, because everything is you.


Toby (Love Ambassador @ KARMA LOVE)